Hi-Shear Technology

 Hi-Shear Technology provides pyrotechnic, mechanical, and electronic products to the aerospace and defence markets in applications where safety, performance and high reliability are essential. We develop and produce advanced systems and products that are used worldwide in space exploration vehicles, satellites, launch vehicles, defensive and offensive missile systems, tactical weapons, and first-line fighter aircraft.


  • Power cartridges, squibs and initiators
  • Initiators
  • Detonating cartridges
  • Gas generators
  • Separation nuts
  • Separation bolts
  • Cutters
  • Pin pullers and pin pushers
  • Through bulkhead initiators
  • Electro-mechanical safe arm fire devices
  • Thrusters
  • Pyrovalves
  • Bolt catchers
  • Electronic safe arm fuzes
  • Flight termination fuzes
  • Electro-mechanical safe/arm devices
  • Exploding bridgewire (EBW) initiators and detonators
  • Exploding foil initiators
  • Laser detonators and initiators
  • Laser arming and firing devices
  • Acoustic firing devices
  • Advanced firing control systems
  • High energy firing unit


Hi-Shear Technology Corporation
24225 Garnier Street
California 90505

Tel: (310) 784 2100 
Fax: (310) 325 5354 

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