Chemring Ordnance

Chemring Ordnance business unit was created to integrate and manage our three existing businesses, Martin Electronics, Titan Dynamics and Kilgore Defense. These independent businesses develop and market products such as: parachute Illumination, smoke signals/markers, small caliber ammunition, 40mm grenade launched ammunition, and other pyrotechnically activated devices and into the US and International governments and munitions prime contractors.


  • Signal Markers
  • Smokes and Obscurants
  • Primers for large caliber ammunition
  • Distraction and screening grenades
  • Battlefield simulation products
  • Illumination flares
  • 40mm grenades
  • Small Caliber Ammunition
  • Hand grenade fuzes with pyrotechnic delay

Martin Electronics, Inc.
10625 Puckett Road
Perry, FL 32348
Tel: (850) 584 2634
Fax: (850) 584 2044

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